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Did Liam’s room reno yesterday get you buzzing with ideas on how to transform your kid’s room? We don’t blame you. There were a lot of cute design choices Jillian made. So today is all about sharing a few of them. They’re super easy & affordable DIY’s you can whip up to personalize a space in your home. While it’s easy to purchase items already made, it can be SO satisfying to create something of your own by hand. Like this uber cool skateboard shelf…

DIY Skateboard Shelf | 100 Layer Cakelet

1. Skateboard deck
2. Jute rope
3. Nautical looking hooks
4. Decorative succulent planters
5. Succulents

Nautical surf-themed bedroom | Photo by Scott Clark Photo | 100 Layer Cakelet

Step one: Once you’ve purchased all your materials, you’ll need to drill some larger holes into your skateboard deck. It should be just large enough to place your rope through the holes.

Step two: This is where you’ll need to start eyeballing where you want to place your shelf, and how long you want the rope to be. Our shelf measures 17″ from the hook to the board.

Step three: Now that you’ve marked where your hooks will be placed, it’s time to drill and secure them into the wall. Use a level and make sure they’re evenly spaced above the holes on your board.

Step four: Once secure, add the rope. Tie a secure knot, and insert rope through hole closest to the wall. Pull up through the hole, and make sure the knot is super tight and secure. Loop rope around hook twice. Repeat this step on the other side. Place rope through front hole and tie a knot making sure the board stays level. Once you have the last knot in place, cute off any access rope.

Step five: Secure the board with a few screws. We placed one screw on top of the board right smack dab in the center. The screw sticks should stick out about a quarter of an inch from the wall. We then placed two screws, evenly spaced, on the bottom of the board. These screws stick out about half an inch.

Step 6: Decorate your new skate shelf with some pretty succulents, a pretty picture, and Viola!

Total cost: $55.00

DIY Skateboard Shelf | 100 Layer Cakelet

Should you want to DIY some more pieces of furniture for your space, here are some really great DIY kid’s dresser ideas you can try your hand at!

Photo: Scott Clark Photo / Styling & design: Jillian of 100 Layer Cake

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Social Love

Haley (Couture Events) on Jun 18, 2014

Love this idea, fresh and neutral! Also a plus looks super classic but easy to make!

Jessica on Jul 30, 2014

Love this look! How did you secure the hooks/handles into the wall? Above you said to drill holes but is there another more detailed step you can provide for these handles?

Jillian Clark on Jul 30, 2014

Hi Jessica, All we did was create a hole in the wall that was the exact same size as the screw. Because these handles are for draws the screw is pretty long. This helped to support the weight of the board. I hope that helps. Feel free to let me know if you have other questions. Thanks, Jillian

Johana barron on Sep 18, 2015

Hi, I was wondering if you could go into more detail about where you screwed the board to secure it.? I was a little confused where you screwed the board to the wall and how? Thank you! Love this idea!

Johana barron on Sep 18, 2015

Where did you find the brass nautical hooks?

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