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Ok, so who here has wondered about the Happiest Baby Snoo? What is it and how does it work? How does it help with baby sleep? Is it worth the money? Does it replace you rocking your baby to sleep? Is it dangerous at all? Will my baby rely on it to go to sleep once transitioned to a crib? I wondered all of those things too, and decided to take the plunge and try it out. First things first, I have to admit the design was the thing that got me initially interested. Being a sucker for well-designed anything, I was certain I wanted this to be what our new lil baby would sleep in.. white and walnut, modern shape, soft sides and clean lines. I was instantly sold.

In a nutshell, the Snoo was co-founded by Dr. Karp, the famous sleep guru that has helped countless families soothe their baby with the 5 S’s… swaddle, swing, shush, suck and side or stomach position. The bassinet aims to mimic the environment in the womb, and sways them to sleep with movement, swaddle and a shushing sound. It ”hears” your baby’s cries and automatically responds with 5 levels of gradually stronger white noise and motion to find the best level to soothe fussing. Here was our little guy in it down below!


Once we arrived home from the hospital, we were initially skeptical about putting him to sleep in it, with the possibility that it would move when he started crying. Would it move too fast and shake him? Was it safe? And after trying it out, yes we are happy to report, we found it to be very safe when used properly. The swaddle securely attaches to the sleeper to prevent them rolling over. Our guy always broke out of normal blanket swaddles, so we welcomed the zipper Snoo swaddle that made swaddling quick and easy.

Its gentle swaying on the lower settings, paired with the white noise sound, lulled our little guy soundly to sleep. And within weeks we were getting more and more sleep…we even got a solid 5 or 7 hours at night within a month’s time! We couldn’t believe it. Now of course it’s not meant to replace your rocking or shushing, but merely to assist in those moments when baby wakes and needs a little extra swaying, and give mama a few more z’s.

Now who wouldn’t pay for a little extra sleep at night with a newborn? They say it’s practically like paying for a night nurse at $7 per night for the first 6 months. And when you’re a new parent, you quickly realize that sleep for your babe (and you) is everything.


The only improvement suggestion I would make, is that the swaddle also come in a warmer fabric option. The jersey fabric was perfect for summer nights and once it turned colder, we dressed our guy in warmer pajamas underneath, but it would have been good to also have the option of a bit warmer swaddle. Other than that, I’d definitely recommend it. It might not be for every baby since they are all so different, so of course you can send it back within 30 days if you aren’t happy with it.

And here is our guy now! We were initially concerned about weaning him off of the motion, but it’s relatively simple to do. We did not, however, need to do the wean setting, as one day we just stopped the motion and he didn’t need it. He still sleeps in the Snoo at night (without the swaddle), but we’ll be transitioning to a crib soon.


All in all, I think it’s a pretty great invention. There are so many baby tech gadgets out there, but we felt this one gave our baby and us the most priceless gift.. sleep!

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