Minimal fun halloween decor ideas

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October 2nd already, guys?! Don’t know about you but end of summer and back to school is such a busy time that October always takes us by surprise… Er, creeps up on us. So before this month flies right on by we’ve got some ideas for those of you, like us, who are ready to find a fun, modern take on this most festive of days. Minimal black and white DIY Halloween decor, it is!

Minimal halloween decor ideas

1. Paint splattered pumpkins are always a fave of ours (makes them look a little less jack-o-lantern-y, you know?) but the black and white keeps it festive!
2. This spooky DIY minimal haunted dollhouse gets us, too.
3. Always fun to see what people do with lights, like this string light cat garland.
4. Mini black bunting would be fun to pair with your littles’ paper chains.
5. These mylar BOO balloons might be all you need, if you’re going super minimal.
6. This spooky branch wreath is perfect for grown-up party decor.
7. Love us a piece you can reuse in a different context, like this moon phase tapestry.
8. Paper bats = easiest craft ever!
9. …Only rivaled by this felt knock-out BOO banner.
10. DIY yarn spider webs make for a good kids’ craft.
11. And we also love the spray painted seedpods for minimal black decor.

Got anything up your sleeves for Halloween so far?

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