Rainbow nursery ideas

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Who here saw our neutral nursery ideas post? Now it’s time to share a few ideas for the moms and dads who want to surround their forthcoming babe with color! With a theme like rainbow, you can really go ALL out. There’s simply no going overboard… It’s all such fun!

rainbow nursery ideas

1. Roller rink rug
2. Throw pillow
3. Rainbow mobile
4. Classic dream blanket
5. Bright lab lights
6. Rainbow rocker
7. Mini bunting garland
8. Rainbow art print
9. Rainbow stacking tower
10. Jr rainbow blocks
11. Cotton fabric
12. Rainbow connection console
13. Hammock chair swing
14. Eames hang-it-all
15. Dallas Clayton print
16. Rainbow beads teething toy
17. Lil missie munster dream legging
18. Newborn striped eco cap
19. Large rainbow stacking tunnel

And if you’re going for a bright white nursery, you can always select a few vibrant statement pieces.
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