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The kiddos are out of school, you’re finding ways to cut out early from work, you’re daydreaming about dinners in your backyard (or your nearest park), and obviously the beach/lake/pool, is calling your name. It’s summa time Cakelets! Before you and the baby skip out to enjoy the sizzling temps, check out these essentials. Better yet, pack them all, leave them by the door or in the trunk of the car so you’re ready at a moment’s notice!

Summer essentials for baby | The Honest Company promo code | 100 Layer Cakelet

1. This adorable, light sunhat from Rikshaw Design is so cute an comfortable, even the most hat resistant babies might not mind. (Plus you should see their matching bloomers and kurtas.)

2. Our favorite sunscreen of the moment from The Honest Co., and one of the only around rated safe for babies under 6 months.

3. Saltwater Surfer sandals are adorable on baby boys and girls. (Tip: the buckle-top option is so much easier to put on than the criss-cross.)

4. Mamas will love Honest detangler for baby hair and their own. Makes combing out knots easy breezy after a dip in the pool or ocean.

5. Fun striped beach or park blanket. (These fouta blankets from Serena & Lily are beautiful too.)

6. Love this rainbow straw bag from J.Crew. Who says you can’t look stylish whilst lugging warm weather necessities to summer activities with your kids?

7. Hands down the cutest swim diapers around. (Back in stock later this summer, we promise!) The Sun & Fun gift set covers pretty much everything you need for baby’s first summer, adorable swim diaper included.

8. Loving this new, large pouch from Honest too. It’s so annoying to have to dig around in your cute new straw bag for the sunscreen, detangler, and diapers, right? Stash them all in this pouch for easy access all the time.

9. Knockaround sunnies, check check check. Totally affordable, (especially if you’re an Honest member), UVA/B proof, and they come in three colors.

10. A vintage-style sand pail from Bella Luna toys.

11. Professional grade popsicle mold, obviously. Even babies under a year love one of summer’s great delights.

12. Floral print UV rash guard from J.Crew. They have plenty of cute “boy” prints too.

13. And finally, there’s no better way to build excitement and enjoyment about a new activity or season than reading (and re-reading and re-reading) a book on that topic. Love these wordless board books from Gerda Muller that let you explore the stories of each season together.

Is this post a little heavy on Honest products? Maaaybe. But you guys, we really really love them. All of them. Some of us have been Honest members/users for nearly two years!

Want to take their diapers or household products out for a spin? Click here for a free trial of any and all bundles they offer.

Annnd they’ve offered to give Cakelet families $10 off an order of $40 or more, using the code HonestSummer through June 22nd.

Jump on it! You’re going to be so stoked on their, well, everything!

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Jennifer on Jun 16, 2014

ugh, that J.Crew bag is fabulous but sold out...waaaah! And, yes, Honest Company products are the best. I was really hoping to use that code on that new Sun & Fun gift sets for babies (swim diaper, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and rash guard)...but it's only valid for first-time orders. bummer.

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