Modern nursing tops from Au Lait + a giveaway

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Breastfeeding is amazing. If you choose and/or are able to go that route, it’s one of the sweetest parts of the first year of your baby’s life. But do you know what isn’t so sweet? Nursing clothes. We’ve got five children between us at the Cakelet headquarters and we all agree that nursing tops suck.

Which… is why we’re so so excited to see a modern line of nursing tops (and dresses!) that gets it. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing nursing clothes. Duh. You want to look like a normal person, who might even have some fashion sense even though you haven’t slept in three months and are likely covered in dried milk.

Modern nursing tops and dresses from Au Lait | 100 Layer Cakelet

1. the flutter dress / 2. the tank / 3. the going home dress / 4. the x-back maxi dress / 5. the tee dress / 6. the day and night sweatshirt

Cue beam of light shining down from the heavens directly onto the lovely pieces from Au Lait. We’d wear the Flutter dress as a non-nursing person! So super cute and so super *normal* looking. Flat sandals, a cute diaper bag (maybe the one Joy designed for Feed?), and you’d look totally put together. And even better some styles are pregnancy friendly. Truly investment pieces for your child-bearing years.

There’s a reason these clothes are awesome. Au Lait‘s founder Emily Hsu has extensive background in garment and textiles technology and all of their garments are finished and constructed on par with pieces you’d find at Bergdorf Goodman. She personally quality checks every single piece!

We’re tempted to crank out a few more babies just so we can try these pieces ourselves. You, soon-to-be or already nursing mothers, are so lucky you might get to wear one of these pieces… and for free even.

Like Au Lait’s Facebook page for a chance to win the GOING HOME DRESS. It’s a piece that triples as a hospital gown, a nursing nightgown, and that perfect little dress you’ll love being seen in. Good luck, beautiful mamas!

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Social Love

Jess Z on May 14, 2014

Love! As a first time mom, I love the idea that I can be comfortable, stylish and still nurse! Thanks for sharing info about this great company and the giveaway. :)

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