DIY Easter Egg Ideas

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Realistically you’ll maybe get around to making one of these egg ideas. And we most certainly won’t judge you if you end up just running to the nearest corner store to buy those egg dying box sets. Buuut, if you’re feeling like this is the year that you’re going to make your eggs stand out from the rest, or dare we say, plastic ones, these would be pretty amazing.

DIY Easter Egg Ideas | 100 Layer Cakelet

Insanely pretty, right? Ok, so here’s what we got…

1. We’re pleasantly surprised at how easy these gilded Easter eggs are to make.

2. But then again so are these confetti dipped Easter eggs!

3. These washi tape & metal leaf Easter eggs, totally creative and look pretty easy to make!

4. You know that way too cute fruit collection from Bobo Choses? These fruity french Easter eggs are what that would look like if their designs were transferred onto little eggs.

5. Anything with a face on it is guaranteed to be a kid pleaser, and we can tell these Easter egg sculptures will definitely be a win in our houses.

6. Oh Happy Day and her piñata everything, right? Be warned, these Easter egg piñatas are pretty time consuming, but kinda amazing.

7. Ever thought you’d find yourself buying Kool-Aid packets again? You’re gonna want to if you want to make these Kool-Aid dyed Easter eggs.

8. We want to say these wooden Easter eggs will be the easiest, only because you don’t have to boil and wait for them to cool in order to paint them.

9. It doesn’t get more natural than these farm fresh Easter eggs. No dying necessary. They’re pretty just the way they are. All you need is a white paint pen!

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Rachel on Apr 14, 2014

Eep! Thanks for including my post! xoxo - Rachel

Kristin on Apr 14, 2014

Great collection. It gives me a lot of inspiration.

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