DIY pastel Easter eggs by Knot & Pop

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We’re sure you have an “Easter Craft Ideas” Pinterest board going by now, yes? Every time we login to pin we see a flood of Easter ideas. Since it’s just a couple of weeks away, we’re going to be sharing a few stand out ideas worth pinning, and making this year. Let’s start with this pretty egg DIY from Knot & Pop!

Cutes, right? Here’s what you need to make them:

Eggs (either hard boiled or blown depending on how you plan to use)
Acrylic paint (we found pastel colors to match the Mini Eggs)
Gold paint
Paint Brush
Cadbury Mini Eggs for crafting & consumption!
Skewers (for drying the eggs)

Step 1: Paint your eggs the matching shades to the Mini-Eggs.

Step 2: Let dry on skewers (if you’re using blown eggs).

Step 3: Speckle your eggs in gold & leave to dry.

And then, to make things extra fancy, peel back the egg shells from some of your eggs and fill them with spring blooms. Now you have a cute centerpiece come Easter brunch or dinner. Easy!

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Social Love

Linh of {A Beautiful RAWR} on Apr 7, 2014

What a wonderful DIY! Going to pin this for my Easter ideas. Linh

Beth on Apr 8, 2014

Cute idea but you are suggesting people put non-edible acrylic paint on a porous food product. (Egg shells are porous and will absorb the wet acrylic paint.) Think about the food coloring dyed eggs and the bits of dye that would color the inside of your hard boiled egg. Art and arts and crafts are fun and rewarding but any artist will tell you that it is very important to have safety in mind at all times, especially around food.

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