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Ah the baby registry. Everyone you meet will have a different opinion of what you *have* to have before baby comes. We certainly have our own opinions in that department too, which naturally you’ll read all about below. But here’s a little secret that might put some of you at ease…

Babies need very little (besides their mama) at the start. 

A place to sleep, diapers, a few items of clothes, and milk. DONE. Okay, and probably a car seat. Which isn’t to say that there aren’t hundreds of lovely products out there that you might love and might make your life easier or your baby more comfortable, etc etc. But if you happen to be a really big procrastinator, it will be okay if you accumulate baby stuff slowly instead of all at once.

But all at once is pretty fun! The thing is, there are so many amazing options out there these days, it’s really hard to just register with one shop, or even two. Which is why using the app BabyList is so darn amazing. See, you can pick items to add to your registry from, oh, ANYWHERE. Even Etsy! Then BabyList wraps up your choices in a nice professional way so even your grandmother will feel comfortable choosing something from your registry. Satisfies the modern, stylish mom in all of us, and makes it easy for generations of gift-givers too. Plus, it’s as easy to use as Pinterest. Which is something we can all get behind, right?

So what do we absolutely L-O-V-E? You don’t have to ask us twice! We’re really trying to focus on things you’ll need at the start here, though there are other things that are nice to add to your registry so you don’t have to buy them yourself in six months.

(A quick note… we’ve left off things like strollers, car seats, cribs/co-sleepers since those are all best purchased based on your family’s lifestyle.)

Our essential baby registry | 100 Layer Cakelet

1. Ergobaby carrier = must have. Duh.
2. Ergobaby wrap. We like the Moby and the Solly Baby too, but the Ergo wrap has a pocket in front!
3. Miracle blanket swaddles
4. A beautiful quilt or stroller blanket like this one from Hopewell Workshops would be a lovely gift that you would use for a long time.
5. We like the euro-style bucket tubs for young babies so they’re fully submerged and warm in the bath.
6. The Baby Bjorn Balance chair is the perfect place for you little one to watch the comings and goings of the house. Love that it’s simple and doesn’t have any batteries.
7. A sheepskin rug is so nice for the tiny ones. (Ikea makes one too!)
8. A nursing pillow can make all the difference, especially as your baby grows. We love the oversize style of this one from Luna Lullaby (also available at the Pump Station, LA mamas).
9. Aden + Anais muslin swaddles are a must and have so many uses.
10. This travel bassinet from Phil & Teds is an amazing addition to your arsenal if you travel frequently (even just to see the grandparents for the day). And it doubles as a duffle bag so all of baby’s things are in one place.
11. Sophie. Naturally.
12. Might as well register for your breast pump! They’re expensive and necessary if you plan to be away from your baby for work while you are nursing.
13. We love Honest diapers and wipes.
14. A nice, natural bath wash like this one from California Baby is good to have.
15. Sound machine, check. (There are white noise apps for your iPhone too, when you’re out and about!)
16. Nail clippers, also essential. These are inexpensive enough that you can buy new ones every time you lose them.
17. Nose Frida. Perhaps the greatest invention, ever.
18. These tiny washcloths from Kate Quinn organics are so perfect and so essential for the early newborn days.
19. Love Etiquette baby socks.
20. The Baby Bjorn travel crib is solid. It lasts forever, it’s light, and it’s super easy to set up and take down. Plus you can check it for free as a baby item on most airplanes.
21. Might as well point people to some fun ideas too, like these adorable silver booties.
22. Simple, cotton footies are so essential at the start.
23. Or maybe something with a sweet pattern, like these mini heart footies from J. Crew.
24. Cannot recommend The Happiest Baby on the Block enough. Get the DVD, watch it before baby comes, and then immediately after too.
25. Wee Gallery art cards lined up along the changing table are the perfect high-contrast entertainment for little ones.
26. Love the simplicity of this play gym from Plan.
27. And of course the newborn hat. Your babe is going to be wearing it in every picture for a while so you might as well pick a few you like!

Wow. And it feels like we’re just getting started! Our modern high chair round up has lots of nice options for that essential too. And if you’re still having trouble deciding what to register for, BabyList has an awesome registry checklist quiz that helps you understand what things you really need.

What are we missing? We know lots of you have had babies more recently than we have, and we always like to hear what’s new!


*This post is sponsored by BabyList, but all opinions are our own. And we would never recommend a product or service we didn’t truly love ourselves!*

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Social Love

Olivia on Feb 26, 2014

The 4Moms Mamaroo was a lifesaver from about 2 - 4 months. I got one on my registry and it was great.

ellie on Feb 27, 2014

We absolutely love our Baby Bjorn Travel crib!

Jessie on Feb 27, 2014

Fabulous roundup! I used BabyList for my registry and it is awesome, easy and a great consolidated spot for all your baby goodies! Yay!

DLynn on Mar 2, 2014

Great ideas for first time moms!

Hallie Slade on Mar 3, 2014

Oh. Em. Gee. I am geeking out over the BabyList right now - SO happy I went to your website for some baby product advice… Wouldn't think about going anywhere else!!! XO

100layercake on Mar 5, 2014

Hallie- Yay! Yeah, we couldn't live without a lot of these!

Lisamarie on Mar 5, 2014

Do you think you need both the Baby Bjorn travel crib and the Phil & Ted's travel bassinet? I like both products but are they redundant?

Kersten on Mar 14, 2014

In regards to #12, remember that most health insurance plans are now required to provide breastfeeding equipment and counseling!

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