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Toddler room makeover |

Hello Cakelets! Jillian here, needing a little advice on my son’s room makeover. Yep, it’s time to take out the crib and bring on the toddler bed. Yikes!!! I guess that means he’s not a baby anymore?! This is heartbreaking, but very liberating for our little guy. Not sure if some of you saw my  Instagram a few weeks back, but we took off the front of our crib to start the transition, and it’s been great! All of your advice was so inspiring and reassured me that we made the right decision. THANK YOU!

To give you a little back story Liam was born in New York, and our apartment was very small. Due to our spacial limitations his nursery was in our closet. (You can see a few pics here!) This was brilliant for the first 7 months, and then we pretty much needed our bedroom back, so we upgraded to a standard crib we had purchased off of craigslist, which meant we had to move out of the room and into our office, sigh! Flash forward a year later, now we’re living happily in California with lots of space, and while his room looks cute, it needs to feel like a boy’s room, not a baby boy’s room.

This is where I need your help! Below I’ve rounded up a few toddler beds that caught my eye around the web. My style is clean and modern, maybe an all white bed or wood options. I mean, really either one, as long as it has a modern vibe. Do you all have any toddler beds you love? Any advice would be great, and maybe this will inspire other parents in a similar predicament with their toddler.

Toddler bed round up |

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Toddler bed round up |

I really love this collection from Kalon Studios!  Their contemporary form and innovative design is right up my alley, and the prices really aren’t that bad. If you’re in the market for a crib you should totally check them out. Viagra 50 mg acheter du Viagra sans ordonnance

I’m hoping to purchase the bed first, and then begin all the other elements of the reno process. I’ll be painting, diy’ing and gathering all the other accent pieces along the way. You can follow my pinterest board for all my design ideas. It’s a bit all over the place, but you can get a sense of my style and general direction. I’m really looking forward to sharing our process with you and getting some great advise from all you cakelets that have already gone through this process or are just starting, like me.

Let the decorating begin! xo, Jillian

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Jennifer Naraki on Jan 14, 2014

It is such a bittersweet time! Our littlest is transitioning from a convertible crib to a big boy bed. Luckily, my husband is a woodworker and is getting ready to launch a new plywood business, so he will be designing and making his bed. I love seeing all these ideas though. So helpful as we approach this design phase.

100layercake on Jan 14, 2014

@Jennifer Naraki Wow, that sounds pretty amazing! We'd love to know more about your husbands new plywood business, and see how your bed turns out. Are you all in LA? I might need to reach out to you for more info. ~jillian (IG @jilly100lc)

Jennifer Naraki on Jan 14, 2014

:) Yes Jillian. I'm the one that shot your lil Liam & his buddies at the egg nog stand. :) We are very local. Feel free to contact my husband if you have a design in mind that you would like to see produced. Otherwise, I'll let you know once he gets our bed built. Exciting stuff.

martha on Jan 21, 2014

Those Kalon's are gorgeous! I just this past weekend bought the Ikea Sniglar bed for my just-turned-3-yr-old. It's not my fave of all the options aesthetically but the price was right and it fit in our tiny space perfectly. I like how the bed is actually longer than a crib (I noticed some aren't and thought this was pointless). I have ordered a twin size comforter for it which hopefully works. Got the fitted sheet + mattress at Ikea because it seems to be a unique bed/mattress size. Also worth noting: the guard rail looked really dinky to me initially but (so far) it is just the right height to stop a "roll-out" without being a super big eye sore. Hope that helps!

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