Happy Thanksgivukkah!

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Happy Thanksgivukkah | 100 Layer Cakelet

Hope everyone is enjoying a delicious day with friends and family, whether it’s just regular old Thanksgiving, or a double duty holiday this year. In the case that you find yourself searching for holiday ideas over the long weekend, we have a few links for you to ponder.

Our Winter Holidays Pinterest board has loads of ideas, as does the Holiday Hub board by Mrs. Lilien that we’re pinning to as well.

This nature mobile Kristina made with her older son would be a fantastic project for the long weekend.

A yummy autumn salad from Sprouted Kitchen (and news that she’s joining the mama club this spring!).

Daily Candy did a round up of their top family photographers and we were excited to see that lots of talented people from our family photography guide were on their list too. Coincidence? Hmmmm!

For thoughtful, interesting gifts we love Quitokeeto, General Store, Martha’s American Made Market on Ebay, our friend Sarah’s new collection ¬†for A Sunny Afternoon, the decidedly masculine approach of Kaufmann Mercantile, kitchen objects at Schoolhouse, and everything from Of A Kind. Are you planning your wedding in Central Park? Our all-inclusive wedding packages can help you plan your Central Park Wedding with our affordable service!

Did you see Jamie’s limited run of lo-fi posters available only on Instagram?

And Julie Kostreva’s iPhone cases?

We’re intrigued by The Collective from The Honest Company.

A DIY Cocktail station!

We’re excited for all the festive activities that the next month holds. See you in December!

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