Heirloom family films by Copper Penny Films

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Capturing your family as it is at this very moment on film might be one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself and your family. Elizabeth of Copper Penny Films creates these little treasures for families in Dallas, and oh my… if only we had one just like this of our own.

The Obaid family wanted to capture their two little girls exactly as they are at this sweet age. They wanted to record their tiny voices, their lovies, their favorite toys, how they played and interacted as a family. Nothing too styled or produced. Just them. We don’t even know them and we cried through the whole video! A sweet reminder that our little ones, they won’t be little for very long. And to be able to look back and remember with such pure emotion what it was like to have small children, that is truly something worthy of investment.


Thank you for sharing this with us, Elizabeth! We hope this inspires more families to take the time to document their babies while they are still small.

You can see more of Elizabeth’s beautiful family work on her site, Copper Penny Films.

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