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Terrariums *do* seem like a pretty perfect activity for a young child’s birthday party. Rozalyn’s gnome-themed birthday and Hayden’s party from earlier today certainly made us want to set up a little project with our kids. Here’s a round up of what you need to make your own – for a party or just for fun!

Terrarium party supplies | 100 Layer Cakelet

1. Jars or glass vessels of any kind. Mason jars seem like a very cute and affordable option for a group. But these pretty jars from West Elm would be great too, if you plan to make your child’s creation a fixture in the house.
2. Reindeer moss
3. Spanish moss
4. Air plants
5. Potting soil
6. Charcoal or rocks for drainage (if you plan to really keep it long term)
7. Felted acorns, gnomes, mini mushrooms, or anything cute and decorative.

There are plenty of shops on Etsy that specialize in terrarium supplies too, if you don’t have a good resource nearby. Planting a terrarium is pretty straightforward, but if you’re new to it these instructions on BHG should get you going on the right track.

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