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Sometimes old and simple seems to be the best combination for hours of imagination and entertainment with your kiddos. It’s awesome when your parents managed to save your old toys for your kids. Hello, memories! But even when you purchase older pieces second hand, there’s a nice nostalgia that fills the play space. Here are some great finds from Etsy recently.

Vintage toys on Etsy | 100 Layer Cakelet

We could go on forever with just blocks. Do a quick search for “vintage blocks” and you’ll for sure find something beautiful to add to your collection.

1. Wooden train set (this whole shop is amazing) / 2. Pair of cars / 3. Fisher Price Queen Buzzy Bee pull toy / 4. Wooden farm set / 5. French Skittles / 6. Wooden ducklings pull toy / 7. Wooden craft beads / 8. Tinker Toys / 9. Stacking toy doll / 10. Multi-color blocks / 11. Scandinavian cottage blocks / 12. Mid century animals / 13. Hedgehog circus pail

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