Nova is born: A beautiful home birth by Brooke Schwab

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Birth photography is, well, there’s nothing like it. That moment, when baby finds mama’s chest for the first time. It’s everything. THE moment of moments. Brooke Schwab shot a gorgeous home birth last year and we had to share it with you.

It’s so inspiring to see that other mamas are going through the same experience that you’re preparing to have, isn’t it?

In German, when one sees a new baby, the saying goes “Oh ganz Frisch!”. Oh, how fresh! Love that sentiment so so much. A fresh, brand new life.

Welcome, fresh little Nova! The video of her birth was posted by her parents here. And you can see her at 4 weeks old, over on Brooke’s beautiful blog too. Be sure to check out all of her newborn photography. It’s amazing.

All photos by Brooke Schwab.

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Social Love

(@100LayerCakelet) (@100LayerCakelet) on Mar 4, 2013

This mama is so lucky to have the birth of her baby girl captured so beautifully by @brookeschwab .

Rachelle {wiley valentine} on Mar 4, 2013

Simply gorgeous! Thank for sharing such a beautiful home birth! So great to see!

Sarah on Mar 4, 2013


Angelica Golden on Mar 6, 2013

Beautiful! Made me a little weepy actually. Just gorgeous. --Angelica

Aaron on Apr 3, 2013

Thank you for sharing our daughter's birthstory :) Brooke is the most gifted lifestyle photographer there is. She gave us absolute keepsakes with these photos...

Latiesha on Apr 7, 2013

in love with these photos, thanks for sharing!

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