You Are My Wild

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This awesome project popped up last month, featuring a handful of talented photographers documenting how they see their children week by week. We’re all so hooked on Instagram these days (us included!) that taking beautiful, meaningful photos of your children can fall by the wayside. Love that these ladies and gents have started to make that a priority.

Lots more on You Are My Wild.

(Photos by Brooke Schwab, Meaghan Curry, Rebecca Conway, Rebecca Zeller, Isabel Furie, Shelby Brakken, Kati Dimoff, and Jessica Kraus.)

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Social Love

(@100LayerCake) (@100LayerCake) on Feb 4, 2013

Have you seen You Are My Wild yet?

caroline on Feb 4, 2013

what an incredible project. the photographs are beautiful, some even haunting.

Angelica on Feb 4, 2013

so beautiful!

Kelsey Gerhard on Feb 4, 2013

Thank you so much for featuring out project! We are thrilled with the amazing response we have received in our first few weeks. I just wanted to add that the last photo is actually the work of the amazing Rebecca Conway (although Ryan Marshall is pretty great, too). Thank you again!

One Fine Day Events on Feb 4, 2013

Love this! The expressions tell such a great story!

Madeline Trait (@MadelineTrait) on Feb 4, 2013

Great ideas! RT @100LayerCake: Have you seen You Are My Wild yet?

100layercake on Feb 4, 2013

@Kelsey - Thanks for letting us know! Oops. Corrected. Keep up the amazing work!

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